The Top Five Tips for Getting The Most Out of Your Festival-Filled Spring 2018

1. Pack Properly

Okay, so obviously the most important thing at the festival is what you’re wearing. We both know that, clearly. You’ve probably had your outfits planned for the last six months. So have we TBH, and we’re not even sorry ‘bout it (not one bit). Since you already have your look ready to go, let’s take a peak at what else should be in that bag of yours.

First and foremost, prepare to be outside… for days. Sunscreen is going to be your best friend in surviving the lack of shade. Water will also be vital, especially if you’ll be boozing it up. Who are we kidding, you’re going to go let loose. Just drink your water!

Bring a towel. Seriously, bring a towel you will NOT regret it. You can’t stand all day long, it’s the perfect place to rest. Cover yourself up during the day for a break from the sun and use it to cuddle up when it gets chilly (and windy AF) at night. The right towel can also be exactly what you need to pull your entire outfit together.

2. Take a Side Trip

If you’re driving anywhere this spring, make sure to make stops along the way. Wildflowers will be in bloom, the weather will be perfect, and your gram could use the extra pictures. Way too often we get so focused on the destination, that we forget there’s so much to explore right around us. The best stories are from the best journeys, don’t let yours be stale.

3. Make New Friends

Spring is the friendliest season of the year! Wherever you happen to be, introduce yourself and meet some new people. Connect on social, stay in touch, and make this the best Spring of your life. If you’re shy, it’s time to finally do something about it. GET OUT THERE! 2018 is a year for new beginnings, you can do this.

You can come home with stories about how you stayed at your camp for three days and ran out of things to talk about, or you can come home with plans to meet up with your new squad on your trip to the Grand Canyon.

4. Be You

You’re going to be surrounded by tons of people, and you’ll probably have a few drinks. Don’t let the situation change who you are. Always do you, because you’re the best at it. This will be the Spring you are happy in your own shoes and you don’t care who knows it. Bring that genuine, gorgeous smile out into the light. Don’t be afraid to let loose. Dance like your life depends on it. Jump in the deep end, and don’t ever apologise for having the time of your life... you deserve it.

5. Love

Whether you’re loving yourself, loving the open road, or loving the person standing right there with you through it all; open yourself up and give. Don’t be afraid to get hurt, fear will only get in the way. Allow yourself to truly fall for something; there’s no feeling quite like it. At Helix, we believe that love is the whole reason we’re here. It’s life’s greatest adventure. Loving our surroundings, and those around us, is what matters the most in this life. Don’t let another moment pass you by without it.

Always Be Adventuring

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