Our Trip to The Bay

When driving from LA to San Francisco, it can be easy to completely forget about sight seeing as you tear across the state. Any self proclaimed Southern-Californian Wanderlust has made this trip at least once. It’s basically the pilgrimage of the 21st century instagrammer. At the end of a 400 mile trek on the I-5, The Golden Gate Bridge gives you a big hug and welcomes you to the wondrous city it calls home.

The skyline and sourdough scents can be extremely alluring, but before giving into your destination, there are some things you should do in the surrounding natural beauty just outside city limits first. The Bay Area.

If you’re in some sort of rush to SF and you can’t spare a few hours, we won’t judge. But, if you happen to have part of your afternoon open, there are a few spots you should check out before arriving at your destination.

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Know Your Way Around The Bay

Sanborn County Park

In the southern end of the Silicon Valley you will find a massive protected wilderness by the name of Sanborn County Park. Its 3,500 acres are home to all kinds of tent and RV camping, family picnic sites, 15+ miles of hiking trails. natural streams, ridges, and even some redwoods. This park is both the perfect escape from LA and the perfect contrast to SF. It’s totally worth the stop to take in the clean air relax for an hour or two.


You can find a great trail by simply pulling off the road at any of the paved shoulders. Most of these trails wind down into a river valley of some sort. We recommend laying out by the running water and taking a quick nap before hitting the road again.

Battery Spencer

Operated as a military base in the early 1900’s, this concrete structure has long been abandoned at its post. These crumbling, graffitied walls were once San Francisco's greatest defense to naval attacks. This space is now more of an art gallery than a military base due to the spray painted murals that are constantly updated by local ‘artists’.

This amazing fossil of American muscle is actually north of the city, which means you’ll either have to drive through or around San Francisco to get there. Though it adds time to the trip, it is 100% worth it when you consider the history of the area and the uniqueness of the structure.

Golden Gate Bridge

The Golden Gate Bridge is something you’re going to have to cross off your list of things to do in the city. There’s no getting around that, so why not cross it off before you settle down. There are hundreds of vantage points to view the bridge from, some of which you’ll have to wait in line for up to an hour to see. They’re all pretty great, but one place stands out in particular.

Kirby Cove, the area surrounding Battery Spencer is home to some incredible cliff sides and beaches. The vantage points you get from the cliffs allow you to see the city through the bridge, a very unique view. Down by the beach, you’ll have great views of the city being situated just under the bridge. Most of the tourists in the area will stop along the road and take photos from where their tour guide instructs, so we recommend exploring the cove a little more and finding a new and interesting view of the bridge.

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