Adventures in Venice Beach

Try going to Venice Beach without being coerced into listening to some random dude’s mixtape after ten minutes. It’s almost impossible. Between the people trying to sell you their mixtape and the one’s trying to get you to enroll for a medical marijuana card, there’s so much happening on the Venice Beach boardwalk it can be overwhelming. We mean that in the best way possible. This place is weird, in the very, very best way.

We wanted to hang out with the locals and see what the area had to offer, because honestly, it’s one of the best places on earth to people watch. If you want to visit, you should definitely hit up the places we list below

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The Definitive Venice To-Do List

The Graffiti Wall

We’re design people, so where do we go first? The place where artists can be artists. The graffiti wall on Venice Beach is one of the only places you can graffiti legally. Check it out one hour and the next will be completely different. Venice Beach is good like that. Weird. So weird. But vibrant. No one here thinks the same way as the next, and in that way, it’s kind of beautiful.

Muscle Beach

What can we say? We loved jacked dudes. And that’s just the boys in the group. Muscle beach is less of a gym and more of a place for people with insane strength to show off. Not just model-jacked too. They look like superhumans. Someday, they will rule us all.

Venice Skate Park

Have you ever asked yourself “Hey, why can that eight-year-old do many of the same tricks I can’t complete in Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater?” If you haven’t, it’s probably because you’ve never been to the Venice Skate Park. With people of all ages tearing it up, we’ve seen kids accomplish more in fifteen minutes on skateboards here than any of us have been able to accomplish in our entire lives.

The Freak Show

We don’t mean that in a derogatory way, either. There’s a literal self-proclaimed freak show on Venice Beach. So, if you’re wondering why an elephant man is next to you on the boardwalk, don’t bother him. The guy is probably just working. Plus, he’s really driving home what’s great about Venice Beach in the first place:

Venice is the great equalizer, because everyone is a freak in their own way. It’s the place you can be as weird as you want outside of Burning Man and no one seems to notice or judge you. For that reason, we think it’s worthy of a towel.

The Venice Towel is designed after the vantage point from the boardwalk. You see the asphalt, rolling into the white sand, with the vibrant colors of the sunset. This combination felt nothing short of special after a full day at Venice Beach. You can find the towel here.

Always Be Adventuring

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